Auto recycling experts from around the world gathered in Niagara Falls for the 2017 International Roundtable on Auto Recycling. The event included tours of Miller's Auto Recycling and Thorold Auto Parts.
By Alex Dugas
Niagara Falls, Ontario -- September 7, 2017 -- The International Roundtable of Automotive Recyclers (IRT) kicked off this week in beautiful Niagara Falls. This year’s event gathered automotive recyclers from around the world, including speakers from Japan, Australia, the United Kingdom, India and Canada.
Canadian Auto Recyclers magazine was right in the heart of the action as representatives met, networked and discussed the state of auto recycling in their respective countries.
The event began with a bus tour of two local recycling facilities: Thorold Auto Parts and Miller’s Auto Recycling. The tours allowed everyone to get a close-up view of what auto recycling in Canada looks like. International guests got a chance to discuss their ideas with the facilities’ staff as well as share their own insights.
Thorold Auto Parts’ main focus is on customer service and customer satisfaction. The facility disassembles and recycles late model, low mileage scrap vehicles. They also strive to be environmentally responsible in all of their processes. The company’s mantra is that responsible auto recycling involves everyone. This message resonated throughout the entire conference as speakers highlighted the importance of clean and organized recycling facilities.
Founded in 1952, Miller’s Auto Recycling is situated on 45 acres of land. Among other services, the facility offers a 28-acre “U-Pull-It” facility, which allows the do-it-yourself customer or professional repairer to remove their own parts. Whether its a helping a customer at the walk- in parts counter or shipping an order North American wide, the staff at Miller’s Auto Recycling continually strives to provide a quality used product with each and every order.
To conclude the first day’s events, a welcome reception was held in the Hilton’s Myst lounge, accessed via private elevators and overlooking the Falls. The reception was sponsored by Copart and allowed guests from around the globe to network while taking in some truly Canadian landscapes.
Make sure to watch the next edition of Canadian Auto Recyclers magazine for more on the 2017 IRT!

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